Be stress-free on the road because Philippines First Auto First has got you covered. With Auto First, you can rest easy knowing that you, your passengers and others around you are protected.

Trust that you can depend on Philippines First, the First insurer with long and unbroken tradition of protecting the Filipino family.

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Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

The CPTL is a government requirement for vehicle registration. This covers bodily injury and/or death involving any third party.

Auto Personal Accident

The APA provides personal accident insurance for the authorized driver and passengers of the insured vehicle.


Own Damage and Theft (OD/Theft)

Any damage to the insured vehicle caused by accidental collision, overturning, fire or lightning, external explosion, self-ignition or theft.

Third Party Liability – Property Damage (TPL-PD)

The TPL-PD is an optional additional cover that pays for the damage caused by the insured vehicle to the property of a third party.

Third Party Liability – Bodily Injury (TPL-BI)

The TPL-BI is an optional additional cover on top of the maximum limit of the CPTL. This provides for the payment to the affected person to compensate for bodily injury caused by the insured vehicle.

Acts of Nature

Provides cover that pays for damage to insured vehicle due to natural disaster.

Road Assistance Services*

Towing service up to the nearest facility, on-site emergency repairs, and claims assistance.

Hotel accommodation for a maximum of two (2) nights, alternative transport to your destination, hospital admission, and legal assistance.

Tire change, battery boosting, jumpstart, car lockout assistance, and fuel delivery.

*All services cover vehicles for private use only, vehicles not older than 10 years old, and not heavier than 3,500 kilograms. Other conditions apply based on policy.



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